Goddess into the
Metaverse World

  • AV actress enter the metaverse as Goddess.
  • Goddess enjoy online/offline activities according to their individuality.
  • Goddess NFT holders can vote for the ‘Queen Of Lust’ and participate in a party hosted by the MIB.
  • Shall we go on a journey from AV to Metaverse with Goddess?
  • In the second half of 2022, the first Goddess is coming to you.

Queen Of Lust
AV Survival Audition

  • The first AV survival audition was born.
  • Goddess who came to the metaverse world will compete with other Goddess by participating in the QOL
  • Winning the QOL will bring Goddess great wealth and fame.
  • The fate of the Goddess is in your hands.
  • Choose a Queen through Goddess NFT voting and online voting!

MIB Party
November, 2022

MIB and Goddess hold a party to enjoy together both online and offline.
MIB party with Holder, Coming Soon